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Duxa Capital Review

Duxa Capital Review

The internet has made it extremely easy for anyone to trade. You just need an internet connection and a device, like laptop, PC, tablet or mobile, to get you started. But, where will you make your transactions? How will you buy the assets? This is where a broker comes in. This much hasn’t changed with technological advancement; you still need a broker for making your trades, just like you did in the traditional way. This is one of the top reasons why there is such a huge number of online brokers to be found today. When you start looking for one, it is easy to get confused because they all start blurring together at some point.

The offerings seem similar and most people just choose a broker like picking it out of a hat. However, the wrong choice can have long-term consequences. Some brokerages are out to scam people and you will lose your hard-earned money. Thus, you need a good and reputable broker that you can find in the form of Duxa Capital. The broker has been around for a few years and their aim is to provide a top notch trading architecture and environment to their clientele. So far, it has succeeded in doing so. How? They have done so by providing some of the most crucial features that are needed by all traders, regardless of their skill, experience and background. What are these features? Read on to know:

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The broker is thorough in regard to security

Security has become a prominent concern of traders nowadays with the number of cyber-attacks on the rise and more and more platforms being compromised. Yes, putting your information on the internet is a risk, but you also want to trade. So, how do you strike a balance? You find a broker that takes security seriously and this is exactly what Duxa Capital does. They are quite familiar with the security concerns and have addressed them thoroughly. The broker has opted to use the highest levels of SSL encryption on their website so every piece of data is encrypted. They don’t allow third parties to get access to the data and even if they do, they will not be able to make sense of it since it is encrypted.

Furthermore, the broker has also chosen to put KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies in place. Under the former, anyone who signs up with Duxa Capital has to submit proof of identity by sending a photo of government-issued ID and proof of address by sending a photo of a utility bill or document that shows the address. The purpose is to ensure that only legitimate accounts are created on Duxa Capital. As for AML, it ensures that the broker’s platform cannot be used for laundering money or other illegal activities.

The broker offers a powerful and cutting edge trading platform

The meat of a broker lies in the trading platform it has to offer to its clients. This is the software through which trades are executed and if this doesn’t indicate quality, nothing much is left. Duxa Capital ensures that it doesn’t disappoint its clientele in this aspect. Yes, it doesn’t have the MT4 trading platform, which is the top choice of many brokers, but this doesn’t mean that its proprietary trading software doesn’t measure up. They have worked with developers to create a unique yet powerful trading platform that comprises of state of the art technology.

You will find a desktop version of its trading platform, for both Mac and Windows, and a mobile version that’s compatible with iOS and Android. The most notable thing about the trading platform is that even though it is integrated with some of the top trading tools in the market, it works smoothly and without any lags or delays. In addition, it is very simple to navigate and highly responsive as well as lightweight. It can truly make trading a breeze for newbies and experts alike.

The broker offers comprehensive and rich account options

In order to use a broker’s services, you have to create an account with them. This often frustrates traders because they may not like the account offerings as most are usually limited. Duxa Capital is familiar with how people feel about the account options and so they have put in considerable time and effort to come up with options that can fulfill the needs of different types of traders. You will find four account options available. The first one is Silver, designed for beginner traders as its minimum deposit requirement begins at 500. This can be Euro, GBP or USD, as the broker supports all three currencies. You can choose the base currency for your account and make your deposit accordingly.

The silver account boasts 24/7 customer support, online courses, a senior market consultant as well as market reviews and recommendations. 10% margin loan is also offered. The next option is Gold and is for slightly experienced traders as the margin loan increases to 35% and the deposit requirement to 2,500. Free webinars are added and the recommendations and reviews are given weekly. Platinum account is the third option, which opens with a 10,000 deposit. The leverages are higher as are the trading volumes, risk free trading is available, video library access is granted and margin loan is 50%.

Moving on, the last option is the Diamond account with 50,000 deposit, 100% margin loan, VIP events and exclusive strategies, personal trading coach and VIP consultants and pretty much everything else.

Final Thoughts

These are undoubtedly good incentives offered by Duxa Capital and are certainly not the only ones. The package is completed with the broker offering great customer support, plenty of withdrawal and deposit options and an extensive education center where traders can learn the ins and outs of trading in order to get better. Most importantly, they have a huge variety of assets available for trading from different markets, which enables people to diversify their investment, minimize their risk and maximize their returns.